My blog is so that I can purge all of the random junk that floats through my head and also share some of the memories and moments of our daily life... good and bad. Life as a single, working Mom to a child with Asperger's (aka: Assburgers. Lol) and a sweet, yet energetic 3 year old boy can be a chaotic trainwreck...but it is also amusing and wonderful too.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Howdy Buckaroo

Three year old boys are adorable a lot of fun.  
My little guy LOVES all the typical boy stuff:  Fire trucks, Firemen, Garbage trucks, police cars, Cowboys and any kind of tractor or machinery. 
He also loves anything from the Disney Toy Story movies. 

He has decided that he wants to be a cowboy for Halloween this year.  That works for me because he was a cowboy 2 years ago and the vest was too big then and fits perfectly now.  I’m all about saving money. (yes, I’m a cheap ass.. so what!!)

I was keeping an eye out for cowboy boots online and I fell in love with a super cute pair of John Deere boots that I came across.  These boots for little boys were $80+ brand new!!   There is NO WAY that I am going to spend that much money on shoes for my children….let alone boots mainly for a Halloween costume.  I looked for them on Ebay and BINGO.. I found a cute “pre-worn” pair in the next size up from what he wears now!!   I showed him the picture and told him that I ordered them and they would be coming in the mail soon. 

Waiting a week for something to arrive is an eternity to a 3 year old. 

Yesterday was the day that the box showed up in the mail.  He was so excited and I could not open that box fast enough.  He was flapping (his excited tick) and smiling from ear to ear when he saw them.  Since they are “pre-owned” they were already perfectly worn in.  He yanked off his own shoes and stepped into his new boots and wanted to go outside and ride his bike…at night.  It didn’t matter that he was wearing shorts and a too small T-shirt with boots.  This kid was happy and that made Momma happy.  I think even his big Sister that despises his existence was a little bit happy for him…it was too cute…how could you not be? 

He wore them compete with his new “Woody” hat and belt all night until bedtime.  He asked to sleep with them but I assured him they would be just fine staying downstairs with the rest of our shoes.

He woke up early today and guess what he did first thing….yep.  slipped on his boots with his PJs.   It is so stinkin’ cute and just melts my heart.  That’s a big deal for this heartless Ice queen robot! 

Here are some pictures so you can enjoy the cuteness of the new boots too!  I’m also including more cuteness…my little cowboy from 2 Halloweens ago.

The new awesome boots!

Watching a movie and riding his horse.
(notice what Big SIs is doing in the background?)

rocking the hoodie and the Cowboy getup...Riley style. 
**rolls eyes**

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have not blogged in weeks. 

Things have changed and my life has gotten even busier.  I wish I had time to write...or even something exciting to write about...but I'm stuck. 

I could just post pictures...but that is only appealing to me : )

I do have to write about my Internet dating experiences ...but I need to find the time to actually sit down and write it..but it seems almost irrelevant since I quit the dating world.  whatevz. 

Sorry, If anyone is actually reading this..I'll be back with something worth reading at some point.... maybe.