My blog is so that I can purge all of the random junk that floats through my head and also share some of the memories and moments of our daily life... good and bad. Life as a single, working Mom to a child with Asperger's (aka: Assburgers. Lol) and a sweet, yet energetic 3 year old boy can be a chaotic trainwreck...but it is also amusing and wonderful too.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June Gloom

Here in Southern California we get what everyone refers to as "June Gloom" and it is a lovely continuation of "May Gray".
It stays gloomy and overcast most days.   Sometimes the sun comes for a bit here and there but it goes back behind its soupy sheet of clouds.
I am not a fan of gloomy weather... but I do have a strange fascination with fluffy clouds and sun shining through dark clouds.   I guess it's because we don't get them very often here
I stop and take pix with my phone every time I see one that catches my eye.  
So,  I'm gonna share my pix from this week.   Sorry if this bores you to tears.

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