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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team name contest

I decided that I want to put together a team and do the Walk for Autism. I had the idea last year ...but I am a slacker so I'm just now getting around to it and the walk in about 2 months. Doh!

So...I need to think of a team name.
On my Mommy board group that I belong to, I somehow became the person to come up with nicknames or titles or what have you ...but I'm drawing a blank with this.

I got the suggestion to go with the name of my blog ...but my family is not aware of my blog and I want to keep it that way. Plus, I'm not sure if its appropriate to have kids wearing t-shirts that say "ASS"burgers on it. Although it is funny.

I want it to have to do with Lilly, Asperger's, and be clever or cute. But not too clever or none of the Aspies will get it. *Snickers to myself*
She is very girly and loves rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, fairies and all that kind of crap.

Some of you folks are funny as hell ...please throw me some ideas.

The person with the winning name free shirt with the team name from our walk? Lol, how's that for lamest prize ever?? Ha. Sorry!

edited to add... I asked Lilly and she LOVED the Assburgers idea. She said it was funny! (YAY!) Or I got the suggestion of "Team TigerLilly".

I found a cool site that you can design team shirts and other merchandise on... so I started on a shirt.... just mesing around for now.

Custom t-shirt printing at

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  1. Last year we did Katie's Krew. This year I just used my blog name, but if we make tshirts we will still do Katie's Krew, even though I kinda hate the whole K thing...ha. I also scanned the other team names seeing if I could steal part of one...ha...nice, eh?


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