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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Backwards Day

Something weird is going on in the Universe. I'm not sure what it
is...but today was completely backwards.

This morning I overslept, nothing unusual so far. I had to actually
wake up both kids...weird! Today was the first day of Lilly's 2 week
Spring break so we weren't having to rush as much as usual. I did get
screamed at for not letting her have Lucky Charms for breakfast...but
I figured since I caught her sneaking Chips Ahoy cookies and fruit
snacks while I was getting her brother up and dressed, she didn't
really need any more junky sugary stuff. She protested, screamed and
told me how awful of a mother I am...pretty much her usual song and
dance. I ignored it.

Usually, Riley gets pissy about getting dressed and thinks it's
hilarious to run away from me and/or kick me while I try to get his
PJs off and clothes on. He also uses many stall tactics and a lot of
whining...but not today. He was sweet, cuddly and helpful.
They were both pretty cooperative in getting ready and out the door.

I dropped Lilly off at her daycare and drove Riley to his...with a
quick detour back by our house because I forgot to put shoes on him.
whoops. When we got to his daycare, he gave me the absolute saddest
look with his big brown puppy eyes. His chin started to quiver, tears
welled up in his eyes and he hugged me so tight and said, "please
don't go to work today. Stay with me Mommy." UGH...broke my heart!!
He is not usually like this.

Work is usually my peaceful, happy place. I love my job and I think I
do a pretty darn good job at it. It is rarely stressful or
overwhelming....but not today. Two out of our 3 person team were not
there. One called out sick (sick my ass! She better have been
bleeding out of her eyeballs or I'm gonna be pissed), and the other
gal had the day off. That left me to run 3 desks. Today was not your
usual day at the was INSANE. Everything the doctors
needed done was STAT and complicated. I will spare you all the boring
details that you could care less about and sum it up by saying...My
head was spinning was crazy and I was frazzled as hell. I
could not wait to get the Eff out of there! I didn't wanna cook and I
needed a drink so I went by the taco shop and liquor store on my way
home. Usually my kids make me want a drink...not my job.
(Thank youMike's hard Lemonade! xoxo)

My night at home (this is where it gets REALLY weird) was nice and
actually enjoyable. *gasp* My kids were sweet and somewhat civil to
each other. Riley was cooperative during his bath and even told me
while in the tub that he had to go potty. WOW huh? I was so damn
proud to sit his little wet nekkid body on the potty and not have him
pee in the tub. I don't know what came over him but I think this
potty training bullshit is actually starting to click with him. (Yes,
I know I just jinxed myself with that last statement).

After bath time we all snuggled up on the sofa. Again, they did not
fight. WEIRD. Nobody protested or yelled when I said it was time for
bed. They both requested to brush their own teeth and did a halfway
decent job. Usually, they whine, cry and fall to the floor saying how
tired they are and blah blah blah. I end up yelling and picking them
off the floor and brushing their teeth for them while I mutter
obscenities under my breath.
I was in such a state of shock and bliss that I told them how
extremely proud I was of them and how I really enjoyed my night with
them. They went to bed without a peep and were sweet sleepy angels.

The best part of my day... I didn't have to yell. Not even once!

Thank you Universe for my backwards day. As weird as it was..I loved it.

look...she is actually smiling on purpose!!

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