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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend in Review

This weekend was a pretty good one.  Nothing majorly horrible happened and a few really good things happened…so I’ll give it a 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Friday evening:
Dinner at my house is always a crazy time.  It is messy and loud and just not fun…at least not for me.  Lilly is not really capable of sitting still for very long...she usually stands next to her chair and walks away from the table at least 5 billion times during each meal.  Riley refuses to stay in his seat and always wants to sit on my lap. I told him I was going to strap him down if he didn’t stay put.  He called my bluff and the bungee cord came out.  Fun times.
During almost every dinner at my house someone usually spills their drink.  This time it was Lilly.  I usually get up, go into the kitchen and fetch paper towels and clean it up….but not this time.  I had already warned Lilly to sit in her seat and settle down.  Since she didn’t listen, was flailing around and knocked her cup over.  I told her SHE needed to clean it up.  Surprisingly, she went into the kitchen to get the paper towels without much of a fuss.  On the way back, she stepped in and slipped on the water that she spilled on the floor.  She was falling,  doing the splits and her head was quickly approaching the corner of the dinner table. Luckily she just slid under the table.  I was frustrated that after only 2 minutes into dinner and I had JUST told her to be careful she spilled her water.  But the whole fiasco of her sliding under the table was hilarious and I couldn’t help but laugh.    99% of the time, Lilly is NOT OK with anyone laughing at her and does NOT see humor in herself….but this time, she started laughing too.  She found it so funny that she tried to re-inact it..serveral hundred more times during dinner.  I’m just glad she didn’t crack her head open.  I had already started on my Mike’s Hard Lemonade and did not feel like driving her to the ER.. 

Saturday, I took the kids to the beach.  The weather was PERFECT and it was not crowded where we went. YAY!  Lilly was in a decent mood and was somewhat nice to her little brother.  The kids had such a great time collecting shells and playing on the shore.  I did manage to forget to apply sunblock to myself until it was too late.  I am rockin’ the most killer farmer tan/burn right now. 

Sunday we went to church.  We were only 25 minutes late…not too shabby!  We decided to go out for lunch afterwards. The kids mentioned that they missed their dad…so I called and invited him to lunch.  It went pretty good.  As good as lunch with your ex husband can go I suppose.  Lilly was in an unusually happy and cooperative mood so I suggested to the EX H that we should swing by the ear piercing place and see if she will go for it.  She’s wanted to get earrings for a couple years but is petrified of the process.  I had envisioned the whole ear piercing thing to be a HUGE dramatic meltdown.  She was all for the idea. I told the sales girl about Lilly and we arranged for both her and her coworker to both peirce an ear at the same time so it would be over with all at once.  I brought out my trusty Droid smart phone and let Lilly watch a movie.  She didn’t even flinch when they put the earrings in.   The EX and I were in total shock….we thought for sure she would at least cry…but she didn’t.  She was excited.  She said that she felt “exuberant”.  My baby girl is growing up! 

Sunday evening we had to make an quick trip to Target.  Lilly was her usual self....LOL.  I love her facial expressions

Oh, and my public service announcement.  Make sure your kids don’t have a bunch of tiny mussels along with their shells from the beach in their buckets when you head home….it REALLY starts to stink to high Heaven after a couple days.  *gag* 

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  1. you rock that farmer tan girl. your kids are cute :)


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