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Friday, May 6, 2011

Depression vs. Drama

My daughter is a drama queen.
Sometimes she can help it…sometimes she cannot.

Lilly was diagnosed with an "unspecified mood disorder" along with her Asperger’s. Her Dad's side of the family has a full array of mental health issues and mood disorders... so unfortunately, she seems to have inherited one of them.

At times, Lil gets so upset by a situation or disappointed in herself about something that she is just a fragile little mess and has sobbing meltdowns over very minor things. The rest of the day or even the next few days can be a roller coaster of emotions.

It is difficult and sad to see my little girl get so heartbroken. Hugs, encouragement, reassurance, and lots of love are all I can give her to try to bring her out of her funk.

There are also times when she claims to be sad and melts down, but it is NOT because of any mood issues. It is because she did not get what she wanted and/or things didn't go according to HER plan.
She is very good at trying to manipulate situations. She will beg, plead and whine till your ears bleed. If that doesn't work (which it almost never does) she will turn into a hateful monster. She yells, throws things, makes threats, and says every thing that comes to mind about how horrible her life is and how I am the worst mom ever, yadda yadda yadda.
I think most girls at this age act this way sometimes…but I could be wrong.

The newest and probably one of my favorite of her lines is something she said this week, "I hate you with all of my hateness."

I know it isn't really funny… but I would have lost my mind a long time ago if I didn't have a sense of humor. Sometimes, I just have to laugh (to myself... NOT to her... I'm no dummy) at the absurd things that come out of her mouth.

People can say crazy things when they are furious….myself included. I know that she doesn't *really* mean the things she says and I don't take them personally….most of the time. There have been times that she broke me down and made me cry…but that’s pretty rare.

I think I need to start keeping track of some of the things she says... some of them are gems.

After her “episode” is over, we have a talk about it and how it isn’t nice to say hurtful things. Having that kind of conversation with someone that has a really hard time caring about other people’s feelings can be quite the challenge.

Has your child said some classic and hilarious things that you will never forget? I would love to hear them. I could use a laugh.


  1. I've been keeping track of the funny things my autistic boy says for years now. I saved enough of them to fill a book. Literally.

  2. I'm hating Big Daddy's book plugs with all of my hateness. Audrey just told me today (apropos of nothing) that marimba is not a healthy ringtone.

  3. My daughter sounds so much like yous in some ways. One of the "classics" was when I was foolish enough to try and potty train her at 3.5 years of age. What was I thinking? After a major gusher in the kitchen, she splashed in her pee yelling out "I'm a raincloud!" I think I used that story in BDA's book! It's on my brain now! LOL

  4. My son & I both have AS. We both get incredibly moody with certain food chemicals, including salicylates (in fruit). Makes me depressed & him have screaming tantrums along with being an emotional wreck.


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