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Monday, May 30, 2011

Bravery at its Best

Today is Memorial Day. 
It's the kickoff to Summer.   It is also a day to honor the men and women that serve or have served our great country.. especially those that gave their lives to fight for our freedom.  

My Dad is a retired officer for the United States Marines.   My entire childhood was spent moving across the US and even Japan while my Dad did his duty navigating in F-14 jets.   Luckily,  he never had to go to a war during his career but he trained and was prepared to do so if he needed to.

I cannot even imagine how terrifying it must be for families and kids to send their military family members off to war. Think about it for a second... instead of kissing them goodbye for a day at the office... they are saying goodbye knowing they might never see them again! 

I know many people do not support the war on terrorism or our military.   I don't understand those people.  Think of how brave it is to sign up for a job knowing and training for the possibility of war and even death.   They choose this job so that ALL Americans, (meaning people they will never meet) can maintain our freedom.  

Whether you are Conservative, Liberal or in between... please take a few moments today to recognize the sacrifices these young men and women have made for you and your family and teach your children about it too.

God bless America.

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