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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A tribute to Sparky

As a baby, Lilly was never attached to any blankets, pacifiers, lovies or anything else. She loved her stuffed animals but would rotate her favorites.
Lions were always her favorite animal. She was ADDICTED to anything Lion King. We have all 3 movies, (yes, there are 3), the books, Christmas ornaments, even the Soundtrack to the movie. I know every song by heart. She liked to pretend she was a lion and would ROAR loudly at people…even at church. *sigh*
A couple years ago, one of Lilly’s friends had a stuffed lion that she fell in love with. Her friend had a zillion other toys and animals so she gave it to Lilly. She told us that his name was Sparky.

Sparky has been Lilly’s sidekick ever since. He goes almost everywhere with us. Lilly treats him like a member of the family. If her brother is annoying her, she’ll say “ Sparky needs quiet right now, He’s trying to rest!” or other things along those lines. Everyone who knows Lilly, knows Sparky by name as well.
Last year, Lilly and I went to Disneyland for my birthday and Sparky was tucked under her arm the entire time we were there.

I just wanted to pay tribute to trusty ol’ Sparky and the love he brings to my Lilly.
Here is a little walk down memory lane via pictures.


pumpkin patch

he is with her happy or … MAD

Sea World


Inside of a shark

Swings at the fair

Weekend trips to the mountains

at her Doctor’s office

to school

New Year’s Party

Birthday party with friends

snuggling on the sofa

even the Happiest place on earth…Disneyland.

and snuggling up on the way home...

Thank you Sparky!! ♥

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  1. Adorable pics.

    My daughter is ten and she still sleeps with her favorite stuffed animal every night. Her's is named Sparky too.


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