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Monday, August 15, 2011

Busy and fun weekend

My kiddies were with their Dad this weekend so I had a whole weekend to myself.  Woot!! 

Friday , after packing up the kids and their stuff and dropping them off at their Dad’s, I met up with a friend.  We grabbed some dinner and went to a movie.  We saw “The Chang Up”.  That movie is a hoot!  So many hysterical lines in there that still make me giggle.  It was raunchy and crass at times…but seriously hilarious. It even had a sappy, feel good type ending.   I have seen 3 movies this past week and I *think* this one was my favorite…just because it was so dang funny.

Saturday, I went over to my parent’s house to change out my headlight and a brake light that went out this week and to top off the fluids/oil in my car.. And, to borrow a knee brace from them.  I am only 36, but I messed up my knee doing goofy karate kicks at my co-worker. LOL!!  My Dad and I did the car work, then I was mending a torn pillow that wa ripped.  My Dad laughed at me and said, “It doesn’t surprise me to see you work on a car…but to see you sewing, now THAT is weird!”  hahaha.  He jokingly said I am the son he never had. 

My Mom is having her 70th birthday in October and my Dad told her they would go on a trip to wherever she wanted.  She finally decided on a 7 day cruise to Mexico.  They invited me and my Mom’s BFF to join them.  YEEEEHAW!!  I am so excited.  We did a 4 day cruise with the 4 of us last December and it was a blast!!  With my crazy life at home, I NEED a vacation more than you will ever know.  So, my Dad and I picked our cabins for the trip and booked the trip online.  Have I mentioned that I am excited???  SEVEN DAYS!!!!  I can’t wait!  I have the best parents EVER.

the beautiful sunset on our last cruise to Mexico

My parents...aren't they cute??  Married 43 years! ♥

I headed home after that to tackle my household chores.  My awesome Mom came along and helped me tidy up the kitchen, bathrooms and fold and put away laundry. My mom rocks…not sure if I have ever said that before ; )
Later on I met up at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner with friends.  YUM!  Then, went to Wal-Mart for a few needed items and rented a movie from RedBox.  We watched, “The Town”.  It was better than I expected.  Didn’t go to bed till 3 am. *yawn*

Sunday was church. Another good message and service by Pastor Mark and the music team.  I was only a few mins late this week.  Go me!!

I was missing my kids so I asked the Ex if I could come visit them and bring them lunch.  I picked up Happy meals and food for me and the Ex and hung out with them for about an hour.  They were swimming and having fun...and actually not fighting!!!

After that I went to the beach with friends.  Such a relaxing and fun time!  I laid on the sand and soaked up the sun, played some Frisbee and went wading into the waves… I was about 50 feet away from dolphins!  So cool!

I rushed home from the beach to jump into the shower and get glammed up for my date with a guy I have seen a few times recently.  We went to dinner at Island’s, rented a movie and came back to my place.  The movie was really cute (She’s out of your league)…but I was exhausted and my throat was really starting to hurt.  I think my date was hoping for some romantic stuff but I was just not feeling it. I just wanted to go to bed.  So, I said my goodbyes, took some cold medicine and collapsed. 

Fun and busy weekend

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