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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Soccer Season Has Officially Begun

Today was Lilly's first soccer practice of the season. It was not however, the team's first practice. The league was short volunteers to coach. As of a week ago, we heard that she might not get to play this year if there wasn't a coach for her team. What a bummer!!!

Last week on Facebook, a gal that I knew from high school asked me what team Lilly was on... and I explained none so far. She is the assistant coach of a team in our league and age division. She made some phone calls and got Lilly on their team. Yay!

The only thing I didn't realize was that practice had already begun and they had already picked their team name, etc.

Normally this would not be a big deal, but when you have a kid like Lilly that has a hard time in groups and in new situations... and the team already had met once or twice, that worried me for Lilly. What if she didn't fit in and melted down and got all clingy?

So, today we showed up for practice and her coaches and teammates were very welcoming. Lilly was in a good and confident mood today which was a major bonus. Phfew!

Both coaches are positive and motivating, yet firm and no nonsense. That is EXACTLY what Lil needs in order to do well!

She got right out there and participated and paid attention. She did trip once on her shoelaces and started to pout and walk off the field, but the coaches were so great about ushering her right back out there with the team.

For a first practice, her Dad and I were pleasantly surprised at how great she did. She had a blast!

They already have their uniforms and they are... PINK and black!!! Much better than the neon and forest green one she had last year. Blech!

I'm not trying to get ahead of myself or jinx anything... but I have a good feeling about this soccer season for Lilly.
Lilly is in the blue shorts on the far right.

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